Solar Thermal Energy


Solar thermal power plants in the multi-megawatt range are rapidly deployable using multiple heliostats (mirrors) and Rankine, Brayton, or Stirling power conversion cycles.  We have extensive experience in:
solar resource assessment
energy conversion
receiver design
heliostat performance
thermochemical design and analysis
The considerable effort devoted to the development of solar thermal electric power plants from 1974 until the mid 1980s is mostly forgotten and largely unavailable on the web or in publications or books. We were involved in many aspects of that development and can provide insights and experience not easily found in the present rediscovery of solar thermal electric technologies. Today, we provide consulting services to guide the development of most aspects of solar thermal power production from resource assessment through project completion; including technical analysis of system components, PPAs, real estate issues, and the ability to deal with government authorities in the US and abroad.

Members of our team have the requisite experience and skills in these areas.


Our consultants have over 26 years of experience in Solar Thermal Energy research and development. Solar thermal electric technology offers the most efficient and least expensive method of converting the power of the sun into electricity.

In this new age of renewable power, new developments in the field also require knowledge of solar resources, PPAs, real estate evaluation and acquisition and the ability to deal with local and state authorities in the U.S. and abroad. Members of our team have the requisite experience and skills in this area.  More...



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