Solar Thermal Energy


     Dr. Arlon J. Hunt
Dr. Fletcher Miller
     Raj Bhandari

Our consultants have over 26 years of experience in Solar Thermal Energy research and development. Solar thermal electric technology offers the most efficient and least expensive method of converting the power of the sun into electricity.



Dr. Arlon J. Hunt

Dr. Arlon J. Hunt, Senior Scientist, (Ret.) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Senior physicist with over 40 years of experience in solar energy conversion, light scattering, processing of materials, instrumentation, and electro-optics.   Invented and developed a new class of solar receivers using particles as radiant absorbers for electricity generation, chemical reactors, thermochemical storage, and space propulsion and power systems. Dr. Hunt discovered new processes for supercritical drying of aerogel, thermodynamic engine cycles, nanophase composites, and methods to produce fine particles. He invented a variety of devices, including the polarization-modulated nephelometer, environmental instrumentation, holograms for daylight control, and a novel wind electric generator.

Created and led the Microstructured Materials Group at LBNL. Dr. Hunt established an international reputation as a researcher in solar thermal energy, light scattering, and aerogel development. Awarded a Senior Fulbright Fellowship to study industrial applications of solar thermal energy in Africa.  Received the Technology Transfer Award from Federal Laboratory Consortium and Excellence Award from LBNL for the development and commercialization of aerogel.  Won the Energy 100 Award for the development of the Diesel Particle Scatterometer as one of the 100 most significant scientific accomplishments in the history of DOE.  Initiated and carried out a multinational project to build and test a solar receiver based on small particle absorption.  Authored 14 patents and over 120 publications.  


Dr. Fletcher Miller

Prof. Fletcher Miller, Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University
Dr. Miller received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1988. Dr. Miller has broad interests spanning the thermal sciences and sustainable energy. For sixteen years he worked at NASA Glenn Research Center conducting microgravity combustion research in the areas of flame spread over liquids and solids, solid particle combustion, flammability of non-homogeneous gas mixtures, and catalyzed microcombustion. He has significant combustion diagnostic experience including PIV and optical techniques such as interferometry and rainbow schlieren. Prior to joining SDSU he led a NASA team evaluating new test methods for material flammability tests for spacecraft, and is interested in fire prevention, detection, and suppression in ground-based facilities as well. Outside of work, he helped found a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy that is now one of the largest in the country. He is especially interested in developing solar thermal applications in the southwest and California.  


Raj Bhandari

Business Development, Marketing and Management Consultant
Raj Bhandari has over 25 years of experience in business development, management and marketing consultation. His work spans three continents, providing him with extensive professional experience in many countries while working with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. During his career, he has acquired excellent skills in the following areas:
  • Research and evaluation
  • Providing liaison with government and private agencies
  • Securing rezoning and ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations
  • Promotion and advocacy of a specific project
  • Preparation and submission of documents
  • Identifying and coordinating with funding sources, real estate brokers and others as necessary
  • Dedicated and innovative problem solving techniques
  • Facilitation and coordination to meet deadlines
  • Marketing and sales




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